8 Steps to Establish Workplace Communication Guidelines & Expectations

April 2, 2024
Title image with "8 Steps to Establish Workplace Communication Guidelines & Expectations" over people in conference room having virtual meeting with other team members

In the complex world of workplace dynamics, communication is a crucial factor, guiding collaboration, progress and productivity, and harmonious relationships. But crafting effective workplace communication guidelines isn’t just about finding the right words; it’s about understanding the pulse of your organization, the needs of your teams, and the pathways to clarity and connection.  Have you… Read More »

How to Foster a Healthy Workplace During an Election Year

March 26, 2024
Title image with "How to Foster a Healthy Workplace During an Election Year" over people at voting booths

In the 2022 Politics at Work Study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 20% of HR professionals reported heightened political volatility at work compared to 2019. And with another election approaching, things aren’t likely to cool down.  That leaves many employers wondering how the election year will impact their workplace and how to… Read More »

Here’s Why Your Company Needs an Employee Assistance Program

March 19, 2024
Title image with "Here’s Why Your Company Needs an Employee Assistance Program" over photo of two professional women engaged in a counseling session

Today’s workers are stressed out and anxious.  With the World Health Organization (WHO) naming stress the health epidemic of the 21st century, it’s no surprise that both personal and professional stress permeates so many corners of our lives. This is why it is so important for companies to implement Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). An EAP… Read More »

Labor Union Agreements: How to Stay Compliant

March 12, 2024
Title image with "Labor Union Agreements: How to Stay Compliant" over photo of tradesmen at a worksite

So, your workforce is in the process of forming a labor union or has already unionized…now what? There is much to understand about collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and labor law compliance regarding unions.  This is a delicate area where HR and leadership must make an effort to build positive relations with unionized employees, negotiate a… Read More »

Benefits of a Four-day Workweek + 6 Tips for Implementation

February 20, 2024

Henry Ford introduced the five-day, 40-hour workweek nearly 100 years ago when he discovered that working more only yielded a small amount of short-lived productivity. Although this was a big deal and a favorable step for workers’ rights at the time, we’ve come a long way in the past century—and workers want more.  While the… Read More »

Bad Managers vs. Good Leaders: Fostering Effective Leadership

January 30, 2024

Just because someone has exceptional technical skills and you’ve promoted them to a leadership position doesn’t make them a good leader. A 2023 Gallup survey found that only 21% of employees trust their organization’s leadership, indicating a decline in employee engagement and morale. After all, building a positive workplace culture is tough when employees don’t… Read More »

Navigating Workplace Gossip: Strategies for Employers & Managers

January 23, 2024
Title image with "Navigating Workplace Gossip: Strategies for Employers & Managers" over photo of two female coworkers whispering and pointing as if gossiping

Gossip in the workplace is like a wildfire—it can start from a tiny spark and quickly spread, leaving behind a trail of damage to employee relations and company culture. Whether it’s a casual comment at the water cooler or a rumor whispered in the hallway, workplace gossip can have significant repercussions if left unchecked.  Consider… Read More »

My Employees Want to Unionize. What Do I Do?

January 16, 2024
Title image with "My Employees Want to Unionize. What Do I Do?" over photo of male warehouse worker standing with arms folded

So, you thought unions were a thing of the past—but then your employees started discussing unionizing. Perhaps they’ve even begun the process.  Before you panic, respond negatively, and harm employee relations, take a moment to breathe! Consider what it means that your employees want to form a union. Workers generally don’t organize unions with the… Read More »

This Meeting Could Have Been an Email: How to Have More Productive Meetings

December 12, 2023
Title image with "This Meeting Could Have Been an Email: How to Have More Productive Meetings" over photo of a group of employees meeting in a conference room

We’ve all been there—sitting through another session, thinking, This meeting could have been an email. After all, the saying has become a frequent joke about workplace culture, used on countless memes and novelty items. And while we may roll our eyes and laugh about it later, the truth is unproductive meetings cost companies significantly. One… Read More »

16+ Unique Employee Benefits to Keep Your Workplace Competitive

December 5, 2023
Title image with "16+ Unique Employee Benefits to Keep Your Workplace Competitive" over image of new employee shaking hands of current employees

Do employees still care about their benefits? Yes, perhaps more than ever—it’s not just about compensation! While they’re not willing to accept the bare minimum, Forbes Advisor found that one in 10 workers say they would take a pay cut as a tradeoff for better benefits. As employers strive to remain competitive, offering unique employee… Read More »