Our Story

Toni and Alison met and worked together for over 6 years at a previous company. After years of successful collaboration, Alison and Toni knew there was a need for small businesses to have more customized HR support.

Both Alison and Toni recognize that small businesses make up a strong community and a strong economy. With this being the driving force, they decided to launch their own HR consulting business. Their goal was to provide small businesses with services “big businesses” have to create growth and opportunity.


Coming up with a business name is no easy task. We wanted to come up with something unique to us that would not pigeonhole us into one industry or service as we grew over time. One night in a Panera Bread over some mac and cheese an idea began to brew. We Googled “how to name a business” and millions of hits came up. One page suggested to start with a color…..a color…… okay, let’s give it a try. We didn’t want a red, too aggressive, yellow? Too happy and bright. Orange? Toni HATES orange… Black? Too dark… Blue?

Hmmm… Blue was a color that represented what we wanted our business to be, calming, light, stable… the ocean, not to mention it is a primary color! The next suggestion was to place adjectives. What kind of adjective could encompass all the things we are? Nothing. We decided to make a list of all the words we felt described us and what we wanted this business to be. Powerful, loyal, protective, fierce, a force to be reckoned with. What could encompass all of these things? A LION! A Lion is the King of the jungle….. or in our case…. The Queen! Then came the LIONESS and BlueLion.

Why Choose BlueLion LLC?

Not all cars are built the same, and neither are HR Professionals. It is important to find the HR person who fits your business and your culture.

Benefits of Working with Us Include:

  • Time Back in Your Day
  • Compliance
  • Reduced Liability
  • Employee Retention
  • Efficiency

By partnering with us that is exactly what you get, a PARTNER. We work with you as an extension of your team. We build trust and treat your company like we treat ours, with respect and care.

Our Process

  1. Complete the Contact Form
  2. Alison or Toni will reach out to you to schedule a time to meet/call/zoom
  3. Initial consultation to discuss and establish the needs of your business
  4. Provide a quote of services
  5. Review and discuss the provided quote on a quick 15-minute scheduled call
  6. You decide which services you would like to move forward with
  7. We are off to the races!

Our Values


We want to be balanced in everything we do, from work/life balance to providing balance back into the businesses we work with by handling their HR needs.


Giving back to our community is important. Small businesses are an integral part of a community’s ecosystem. We pledge 1% of our services, profit, and time to our community to stay integrated with those that help make our environment a better place.


  • Personality | Each member of our team is AUTHENTIC to who we are and how we interact with our clients and partners. We understand people are inherently who they are and we meet them there to accomplish their goals.
  • Real | Life is full of CONFLICT and we are not afraid. We understand people and business is difficult and we face issues and controversy head on.
  • Integrity | We pride ourselves on being honest and using our best judgment to manage issues with MORAL COMPASS. We do what is right even when it is not easy.
  • Different | We know when most people hear “HR” it is often followed by an eye roll or a groan. We get it… but we are different. We are FUN and FEARLESS, and we use these qualities to make HR work for everyone.
  • Experience | Our team members have over 192+ years of experience in HR, and have backgrounds in a multitude of industries, which gives us the CONFIDENCE to handle any issues that can arise in a business. Trust us – we have seen and heard it all.

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