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BlueLion is committed to providing the best service to our customers. We are so committed to our clients’ satisfaction that we do not lock our customers into contracts, allowing the ebb and flow of their needs to be met with custom responses and solutions.

Complete Outsourced HR Solution

  • A designated HR professional who supports your business needs.
  • These are designated hours and days a week or month.
  • This option is available virtually or on-site based on business needs.

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HR Projects / Training

  • Any size business looking to update compliance and reduce risk and liability.
  • Supporting small HR teams, or owner/operators with streamlining HR functions.

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HR Hotline

Small businesses with no HR professional or the notorious multiple hats wearing Office Administrator who wants to ensure they are giving correct and compliant information and maintaining compliant processes.

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HR Transition Coverage

Most people have to give two weeks of their own once the position has been offered. This means you could be without support for three to five weeks. We act as the bridge from the previous employee to the new one, keeping your focus on business and our focus on people.

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Industries We Service


Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, Contractors, HVAC, and other blue-collar trades looking to focus on the growth of their business and handoff compliance of HR and employee relations issues to a knowledgeable, no-nonsense team of HR professionals.


With a tight budget, it is important to get things done quickly and efficiently. Partner with a team that values your time and your services to provide you with a cost-effective way to reduce liability and risk so that you can focus on the community you serve.

CPAs/Bookkeepers/Insurance Brokers/Small Payroll Providers

Partnering with a trusted HR company provides your book of business with an added value and competitive edge, giving your clients a service so many need but don’t know where to find.


Companies recently established or about to hire their first employee looking to grow right the first time by setting a solid foundation.

HVAC Company – HR Audit & Consulting Case Study

Why They Came to Us For An HR Audit

This client was a growing HVAC company that had two owners operating the business and getting hung up on HR tasks and compliance. When we were initially brought on, they had about 25 employees in their location in Nashua, NH.

Each owner was handling specific HR tasks, and the company was leveraging an admin assistant in house to help with some of these tasks.

They realized they may be at risk for some compliance concerns, but were unaware what they were, or where to even start.

We met these owners at a NH Home Builders Networking event, and instantly knew we could help.

We Started With An HR Audit To Identify Any Issues

Our initial engagement with them was to run an HR Audit. A complete 360 review of the company and all their HR practices, including payroll, on boarding, training, benefits, workers compensation, and so much more.

Upon review we realized this company was in pretty good shape overall but could use a little extra support.

Both owners were maxed with their operational tasks to grow the business and did not want to handle HR if they did not have to.

After the audit we suggested some Harassment training, updating their company handbook, refreshing their safety manual, and building out an easy-to-use performance appraisal.

All these tasks would help the company run a little smoother, help keep employees on their game, and assist with growing great team members. However, the owners did not have time to add these tasks to their plate, and we were there to support them. We handled all these tasks from A to Z. We went on site, handled their training, and launched a new handbook and safety guide to their staff.

After meeting the team, the owners realized having someone who specializes in this type of support was valuable, and freed them up to do strategic business growth activities.

They now have a dedicated HR representative 4 hours a week on site assisting with onboarding, recruiting, annual performance reviews, employee insurance review, and all things HR!We were able to provide them the comfort of knowing their HR was handled, and in compliance, reducing their liability and risk, and giving them time back into their day to handle growing their business to the next level.

They now have almost over 50 employees!

Services BlueLion Provided

  • HR Audit | Our HR Audit reviews all aspects of HR within a business. We review payroll, insurance, onboarding, recruiting and hiring, training, and so much more to see where your greatest risks and liabilities are.
  • Harassment Training | We provided on site customized Harassment and Diversity training to the team, allowing for an interactive process which makes a training people usually dread into an actual fun learning experience.
  • Employee Handbook | We build out a fully compliant employee handbook and review all major topics with the team.
  • Safety Manual | NH requires employers who have 15 or more employees to have a comprehensive safety manual and safety program. We built out an OSHA compliant manual for the team and help keep the company on track with safety.
  • Performance Appraisal | We were able to build out an easy to use performance appraisal for the management team, which evaluated how the technicians worked and tied their performance into compensation, and business metrics and financial success.
  • Monthly On-Site HR Support | We provide weekly support for 3 hours focusing on core HR needs, such as recruiting and interviewing, new hire onboarding, performance reviews, employee relations issues, and benefits support.

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We’ve got you covered.  While you continue to run your business, our team can handle all things HR and improve your business operations so you don’t have to worry about things like compliance, employee headaches, day-to-day issues, and big picture planning that will ensure your long-term success.  BlueLion is just the team you’ve been looking for, so stop stressing about HR and start feeling confident that everything is taken care of and off your plate.

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