HR Transition Coverage

How easy is it when an employee gives a two-week notice for you to post the ad, interview, hire, and train the new person before the existing employee leaves? Not very easy.

Most people have to give two weeks of their own once the position has been offered. This means you could be without support for a minimum of three weeks. Most of us know it’s closer to four to five weeks.

Then there is the time it takes to sit with the person leaving and making sure you have all the documented processes in place, so nothing falls through the gap. Most of us struggle in the normal 40-hour workweek just to get our own work done, let alone ad another person’s full-time tasks on.

Now add the additional time to train the new team member on all these tasks. The amount of lost productivity can be costly. On average it costs 16% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. For an employee making $40,000 annually, that is $6,400.00.

What if we said we could cut this cost significantly?

BlueLion offers “HR Transition Coverage!”

When an HR professional or the person in your company handling all the HR tasks gives notice, call BlueLion. We come in immediately, train with the outgoing team member, document all the processes, assist with hiring the replacement, and then train them on the tasks. This removes the burden of this position falling on someone else internally and keeps all HR-related functions confidential and in compliance, preventing things from falling through during transition periods.

We act as the bridge from the previous employee to the new one, keeping your focus on business and our focus on people.