What industries do you specialize in?

The BlueLion team has experience in a variety of industries including start-ups, restaurants, technology, non-profits, trades, HVAC, plumbing, construction and many more!

How much do your services cost?

BlueLion prides itself on being completely customizable. Because of this, we do require some information to provide accurate pricing for your company’s needs. Please reach out to schedule a FREE initial consultation today by filling out our Contact form!

Do you require a contract?

No – we do not lock our customers into contracts, allowing the ebb and flow of their needs to be met with custom responses and solutions. Instead, we issue service agreements for all of our individualized services. Service agreements state the simple….we do work for you, you promise to pay us.

What if I don’t know what I need?

That is quite alright! Most clients do not know the full breadth of what they need. The fact that you are here means you have at least determined there is a need. Contact us today and together we will determine the right solution!

What is the client onboarding process?

For the first step of your journey with our services, we’d love to learn about your needs with an introduction to your business and what you’re hoping to achieve by working with us. This will help us establish the goal of building a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. We schedule a zoom/call to discuss your pain points, budget, and goals. We then get real on if we can meet those goals. We are not afraid to tell a client we may not be the best fit, and introduce you to some of our amazing business partners to get you what and WHO you may need.

What if I am starting up and have nothing set up?

If you are just starting up, this is the perfect time to reach out to our team. BlueLion can assist startups of any size with just the right documents whether it be onboarding paperwork, an employee handbook or so much more.

Do you do on-site HR?

BlueLion offers on-site HR assistance to our clients in the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine regions. We will send a designated and EXPERIENCED HR Representative to your location. This could be once per week, bi-weekly, monthly, or something in between to assist you in your HR needs and initiatives. For clients in all other areas of the US, we are able to offer virtual support.

What if I only need an HR Manager every once in a while?

No problem! You may find that purchasing bulk hours or paying hourly works best for you. This allows you to use our support when the need arises.

Can I get a designated HR person?

Absolutely! We’re able to take away the headache of human resources with a designated professional who supports your business needs. The HR support can be arranged through designated hours and days per week or month. Having the same person can make communication easy and seamless. HOWEVER, we also document all the processes and all of our work through a CRM called SalesForce, so when your designated HR person is on vacation or a leave of absence, we got you backed up!

Can you help us even if we already have an HR department?

Of course! Whether you have an established human resources team or a singular HR person, human resources relations cover such a broad range of processes that it is often helpful to have a teammate like BlueLion to work alongside you. We work with an already developed HR team as an extension, essentially that Mom looking for 2 more arms and hands. We act as those extra limbs.

Can my employees email you?

Depends on what kind of engagement you want our HR Consultants to have with your company. If you are a fully outsourced client, we have a designated HR email for you and your employees to email with HR related questions. If you want your employees to engage with us on other activities, we would provide you and your employees with your designated HR Consultants email address.

Can you hire people for me?

BlueLion is not a staffing agency with a pool of talented and available people to pull from. However, we do assist our clients in filling roles by assisting with the recruiting process. This includes posting ads to job boards, and interviewing candidates to find the top talent for you to review.

Can you fire people for me?

Absolutely. No one likes to be the bad guy. BlueLion can assist you not only in making the best decisions for your business when it pertains to staff, but can also help you with those not so pleasant terminations.

How do I know if my HR policies are compliant with employment law?

Our HR audit service is perfect for identifying areas of non-compliance within your company processes. We make it easy for you by analyzing your practices and making recommendations for getting back into compliance with federal and state employment law.

Can you help me with HR documents?

Yes! We are happy to draft HR documents such as employee handbooks, new hire documents, job descriptions, termination letters, and more. We even offer a document package that will cover your general HR paperwork needs.

Do you offer any training for employees?

BlueLion offers a wide range of trainings, from understanding health insurance to important trainings like harassment and diversity, which are compliant with NH, ME and MA state requirements.

Don’t see your question above? Contact us for more information!