Employee Handbook Update

You have reviewed your handbook and know what needs to be updated – but you do not have the time to research and write policies which meet your companies needs. Let us make the updates for you. We take the information you’ve provided to us from your handbook review and make all the suggested changes, including adding the missing policies, updating policies which need to be changed, and writing policies which you currently do not have. In the end you have a “new” and “improved” employee handbook which helps protect you and your employees.

Employee Handbook Creation

Are you a new business, or never really saw the value in an employee handbook until the inevitable happened? We can create a handbook from scratch for you and it is completely customized. We schedule a one-hour call with you and our HR Professionals, we go through our “Handbook Questionnaire” asking all the necessary questions and providing you with best practices and suggestions. We then work on creating you a custom handbook to match your company culture, adding all the necessary protection on all State and Federal regulations and guidelines. We then send you the handbook in “draft” form to review. We want you to read it, and make sure that it makes sense, and we hit all the targets you were looking for. We schedule one follow up call to gather all the edits. We then make all the necessary edits and provide you with both a word and a PDF version of your new handbook. We can even provide on site support to rollout the handbook, discussing all the policies with employees, and getting the signed acknowledgement back for their personnel files.

Policy Development

Is your handbook up to date and recently reviewed? This is great, but maybe now you need a “one off” policy on a specific situation or need for your business. Let us help you create a policy that fits your needs.

Employee Safety Guide Creation

Workers Compensation can be costly for any organization. Having a comprehensive safety manual which covers all your business and industry needs is an important tool to help mitigate risk and injury. It also helps guide employees to know what to do in case of an emergency or an accident. Our safety guides cover standard safety regulation, and OSHA guidelines, as well as provide you with all your safety form needs, from WC injury reports, to witness statements.

Performance Appraisal Design

We all know managers and often employees dread their “annual performance review.” Often times it does not necessary evaluate their entire year of performance, the manager may not have had time to put in the effort needed for the review to be productive, and the review is not designed to evaluate the companies goals. Let us build you a custom review for any timeline your business needs, from monthly, to quarterly to annually. We gather data on the company goals, research what each position or departments requirements are for hitting those goals and build your review. We also provide a scoring rubric to help employees and managers evaluate more effectively and “fairly.”

HR Document Package

Do you have all the required documents for your state and Federal DOL? Do you have a clear outline of what documents need to be completed at the time of hire? Do you struggle to find the necessary document you need when it is time to handle a performance issue, or a termination? We provide you with a comprehensive, company branded document package which includes over 40 HR documents for onboarding, payroll, benefits, performance management, and termination.

Job Description Creation

Are your job descriptions FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) compliant? Are you struggling to communicate to employee’s what your expectations are of them in their position? We build strong job descriptions which outline education, skills, requirement, that also meet all FLSA and if necessary, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) needs. This helps with recruiting, on boarding and performance evaluations.

Employee File Review

Are your employee files up to date in case of a DOL audit? We can take a “first look.” We are well versed in what both State and Federal DOL audits look for, and we review the employee files, and inform you of what is missing and help you collect it. Included in this is a comprehensive I-9 Audit, looking for any common errors and making the necessary corrections.

Benefit Package Review & Creation

We work with some amazing insurance brokers who can help provide more robust benefit packages which meet your business’s budget! Health Insurance is a great and often necessary benefit, but the expense is HIGH! We recognize this and help you build out a strong package by reviewing your current plan with your broker and finding unique cost savings as well as adding zero employer cost benefits to your portfolio. Being competitive in the market helps drive better talent to your organization. Maybe you are growing and have no benefits but want someone to vet out some options for you, we can help with that to.

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Management

If your organization over 50 employees? Managing FMLA and State leaves can be time consuming and difficult to ensure all the proper paperwork is completed. We manage all leaves of absence from the time an employee asks for information to their return to work. We gather paperwork, communicate with the employee and the organization during the leave and ensure all necessary parties are on the same page.

ADA Support & Compliance

Our ADA support comes in two variations. If you have an employee who is returning from a medical leave of absence and you need help with managing a request for an accommodation, we can provide guidance on how to navigate these tricky situations. The second is for employers that are under 50 but over 15 and need similar support working through how to accommodate an employee’s request. These requests can be for either mental or physical disabilities.

Employee Investigations

Lawsuits can be costly, and often arise because when a complaint was made businesses did not take them seriously and they escalated. If a complaint has been made against someone for harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, or something else which warrants a deeper look, reach out to us. We come on site or handle remotely communicating with all the necessary parties, gathering all the proper documentation, and then communicating with your lawyer and your insurance company. Having a “third party” investigate removes liability of bias during the investigation.

DOL (Department of Labor) Audit Remediation

Nobody looks forward to a knock on the door from the DOL! Often companies are not running fully compliant with all state and federal labor regulations. Then comes the BIG hit…. the citation! The citations can be anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000 or more! If the DOL has knocked on your door, and you are looking at a large fine, and need immediate help to be brought into compliance reach out to us ASAP! We will review the citation and bring you into compliance! We will attend the DOL compliance hearing to assist you with showing the inspector you are now 100% compliant, and plan to stay that way!

Harassment, Sensitivity & Diversity Training

Having a safe and productive work environment where all employees feel welcome and accepted is important! Building this type of culture takes work. We build custom training to fit your culture’s needs. We are tired of the “old” trainings where videos are shown of the “boss” leaning over the female subordinate’s desk making some off handed comment. We have brought the training into the 21st century and hit more realistic scenarios. We work with your company to ensure we are discussing real experiences. Our training is honest and down to earth and is designed to create dialogue and awareness. The idea that after a 1-2 hour training all employees will be “perfect” is unrealistic. We discuss how to handle when conflict arises to assist employees with building trust with each other.

Customized Management Training

We can build custom training for management on interviewing, payroll, ADA, FMLA, Employee relations, and more. Is your organization dealing with an issue and you want to provide a robust training to your management team to assist them in their growth and development with your organization? We can help.

Multi State Employee Management

Managing employees across multiple states can be a daunting task, but with our HR Multi-State Employee Management solution, you can simplify the complexities and focus on what truly matters – your people. Our experienced HR professionals provide you with all the important information needed to operate in multiple states. This includes payroll compliance, benefit compliance, state specific DOL (Department of Labor) regulations and more.