How to Build Your Brand Mission, Vision & Values from a People Perspective

September 16, 2023
Title image with "How to Build Your Brand Mission, Vision & Values from a People Perspective" over a photo of employees high-fiving

One common misconception from prospects and clients is that we help them create their brand mission, vision, and value statements.  BlueLion does NOT offer this as part of our services! While we are concerned with the humans within your organization and ensuring your company remains compliant, these statements are better left to pros like branding… Read More »

5 Strategies for Successful Everyday Performance Management

August 23, 2023
Title image with "5 Strategies for Successful Everyday Performance Management" and two business women having a positive meeting

Annual performance reviews are out—and regular, ongoing performance management is in. This looks different for every business, with leaders turning to various combinations of dynamic strategies like quarterly reviews, incentive management, frequent and consistent feedback, and coaching/training. Forward-thinking organizations have finally realized that setting goals and expectations once a year, never to revisit them (ok,… Read More »

Our Top 5 Leadership Tips for a Genuine Connection with Employees

June 29, 2023

In a recent conversation with a client and company owner, he posed an interesting question:  How can he maintain a genuine connection with employees and ensure they are comfortable coming to him with concerns? He explained that he believes he has a strong connection and relationship with his staff. But he’s noticed they still hesitate… Read More »

9 Ways Employers Can Foster Positive Workplace Mental Health

May 25, 2023

Employee mental health has become a pressing concern in today’s fast-paced and demanding work environments. The CDC reports that more than 1 in 5 American adults live with a mental health condition—and while the pandemic skyrocketed remote work and its many conveniences, it’s also increased isolation and loneliness. Declining mental health in the workplace leads… Read More »

HR Trends for 2023 & Beyond: A People-First Future

January 26, 2023

With a new year underway, many business owners and leaders are wondering about 2023 HR trends and what they should do to stay ahead of the game and keep employees happy.  While business is constantly evolving in numerous areas, the most critical areas emphasize: Employee well-being, mental health, and work-life balance Employee engagement and development… Read More »

How Cross-Training Employees Strengthens Your Business

January 18, 2023
How Cross-Training Employees Strengthens Your Business

What is cross-training, and why should every organization do it?  Cross-training employees involves training a team member for work that is outside of their current role. Simply put, if you trained Sue to do Jenny’s job, you would also train Jenny to learn Sue’s job. There are many benefits of cross-training employees for both team… Read More »

What is Professionalism in the Workplace? + 4 Bonus Tips

December 28, 2022

What is professionalism in the workplace? While it looks different from one business to the next, there are several areas where you’ll want to ensure employees are conducting themselves appropriately to convey your desired brand image and ensure success. Read on for the crucial areas of professionalism to keep your eye on. And stick around… Read More »

Why is Succession Planning Important? Preparing for Your Company’s Future

December 6, 2022

As a business owner or leader, you must always think ahead to prepare your company and team for the future. And while you may not want to think about your top-performing employees leaving, people will inevitably move on, retire, or pass away. So, how can you ensure smooth transitions, minimize downtime, and reduce costs? By… Read More »

17 Employee Appreciation Ideas from Simple to Next Level

November 1, 2022

We talk a lot about employee engagement and workplace culture here at BlueLion. And we practice what we preach, taking our team on memorable outings and implementing new employee appreciation ideas regularly.  Why? Because we know that even small gestures of employee recognition make a difference and motivate our talented team! And we’re not the… Read More »

Comprehensive Guide for Employee Performance Reviews in 2023

October 11, 2022
Comprehensive Guide for Employee Performance Reviews in 2023

Performance review. Performance appraisal. Employee evaluation. No matter what you call it, the thought of managing employee performance reviews is often daunting to both managers and employees. Often considered the yearly “report cards,” performance reviews are viewed by many as a time-consuming and unpleasant experience. Despite its negative implications, the employee performance review is in… Read More »