Navigating Workplace Gossip: Strategies for Employers & Managers

January 23, 2024
Title image with "Navigating Workplace Gossip: Strategies for Employers & Managers" over photo of two female coworkers whispering and pointing as if gossiping

Gossip in the workplace is like a wildfire—it can start from a tiny spark and quickly spread, leaving behind a trail of damage to employee relations and company culture. Whether it’s a casual comment at the water cooler or a rumor whispered in the hallway, workplace gossip can have significant repercussions if left unchecked.  Consider… Read More »

My Employees Want to Unionize. What Do I Do?

January 16, 2024
Title image with "My Employees Want to Unionize. What Do I Do?" over photo of male warehouse worker standing with arms folded

So, you thought unions were a thing of the past—but then your employees started discussing unionizing. Perhaps they’ve even begun the process.  Before you panic, respond negatively, and harm employee relations, take a moment to breathe! Consider what it means that your employees want to form a union. Workers generally don’t organize unions with the… Read More »

Employee Records 101: Employer Recordkeeping Checklist

December 26, 2023
Title image with "Employee Records 101: Employer Recordkeeping Checklist" over photo of a man on his computer reviewing paperwork

Employers are generally required to maintain various employee records to comply with legal regulations and ensure proper management. The specific data and retention periods can vary based on federal, state, and local laws, as well as industry-specific requirements.  We get it—another hefty responsibility for the small business owner to manage! What records do you need… Read More »

This Meeting Could Have Been an Email: How to Have More Productive Meetings

December 12, 2023
Title image with "This Meeting Could Have Been an Email: How to Have More Productive Meetings" over photo of a group of employees meeting in a conference room

We’ve all been there—sitting through another session, thinking, This meeting could have been an email. After all, the saying has become a frequent joke about workplace culture, used on countless memes and novelty items. And while we may roll our eyes and laugh about it later, the truth is unproductive meetings cost companies significantly. One… Read More »

8 Ways to Embrace Inclusive Holiday Celebrations at Work

November 21, 2023

Many businesses prepare to celebrate and spread cheer among their teams with the holiday season approaching. But before you plan to celebrate holidays at work with an Easter egg hunt or Christmas party, take a beat to consider your workforce! Yes, holiday festivities can bring joy. However, these celebrations should be inclusive, respect the diversity… Read More »

[2024 UPDATE] Preparing Your Business for the Holidays + 5 Tips to Get Ahead

October 17, 2023
Title image with "[2024 UPDATE] Preparing Your Business for the Holidays + 5 Tips to Get Ahead" over a photo of a woman writing on a calendar

We are quickly approaching the 2023 holiday season, which has gotten us thinking about effectively preparing your business for the holidays for this year and next!  Did the holidays sneak up on your company this year? Maybe you’re a new business owner or new to managing employees? Perhaps you want to rework your holiday policies?… Read More »

Employer’s Guide to Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance

August 16, 2023
Title image with "Employer’s Guide to Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance" and a leg in a cast with crutches

As an employer, you may have a general understanding of short-term and long-term disability insurance. But do you clearly understand these benefits and the difference between each? Disabilities can impact anyone, and having the right policies ensures your team members can receive the necessary assistance without unnecessary stress. Everyone should have some type of disability… Read More »

Our Top 5 Leadership Tips for a Genuine Connection with Employees

June 29, 2023

In a recent conversation with a client and company owner, he posed an interesting question:  How can he maintain a genuine connection with employees and ensure they are comfortable coming to him with concerns? He explained that he believes he has a strong connection and relationship with his staff. But he’s noticed they still hesitate… Read More »

Handling an Employee Death: 7 Ways to Show Empathy in the Workplace

June 23, 2023

Handling an employee death is a delicate and sensitive situation that requires empathy, compassion, and clear communication. Although your business must continue operating and serving customers, you must also prioritize employee mental health during this difficult time. The #1 rule to keep in mind: Don’t try to power through the grieving process. Let’s explore more… Read More »

Demystifying DOL Audits: Navigating the Process with Confidence

May 18, 2023

The mere mention of a Department of Labor (DOL) audit can cause employers stress. The thought of meticulous inspections, paperwork scrutiny, and potential penalties can understandably raise anxiety levels. But a DOL audit doesn’t have to be a nightmare-inducing experience. We’re here to calm your fears and shed light on the DOL audit process, providing… Read More »