Whether your company has a team of two HR super stars or no HR at all…..almost everyone needs a little help. We are all working to handle the most critical items, we start to think all items and critical, and then the projects we wanted to complete move to the back burner.

Every HR team wishes they had an extra hand every now and again to get that important project completed, while they tend to hiring, developing and focusing on employee’s needs! We love supporting the small HR teams to have large impacts on their organizations. Completing one of these tasks puts time back in their day to cross of some of the higher priority tasks from their C-suite.

Maybe you do not have an HR team, but just need a little guidance here and there, we can be that support for you too!

Support We Offer:

  • New Hire On-boarding review
  • Performance Appraisal package
  • Job description development
  • Labor law compliance
  • Employee handbook creation or review
  • Policy development
  • Fair Labor Standards Act employee classification review
  • Interview development¬†
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Employee investigations
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys