March 8, 2022
How New Hampshire Employers Can Support Work-based Learning with ApprenticeshipNH

Many New Hampshire businesses are struggling to hire right now. How can you get creative, keep your company productive and geared for growth, and do some good? 

Consider an apprenticeship program! Work-based learning is an excellent way for employers to hire top-notch talent, develop them, and turn them into long-term employees. Fortunately, there are resources right here in New Hampshire that bridge the gap between employers and educational institutions to help develop work-based learning programs. 

That’s why we are excited to share ApprenticeshipNH, a program run by the Community College System of NH (CCSNH). ApprenticeshipNH is funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration and the American Association of Community Colleges. It is an effort to broaden Registered Apprenticeship opportunities within several industries, including: 

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Automotive technology
  • Biomedical technology
  • Business/finance
  • Construction/infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality 
  • Information technology

The program aims to: 

  • Develop new Registered Apprenticeship opportunities,
  • Provide funding for related instruction at New Hampshire community colleges, and
  • Connect with employers who wish to incorporate work-based learning at their sites.

Learn more about this powerful program and Registered Apprenticeships below!

What is a Registered Apprenticeship?

According to ApprenticeshipNH, a Registered Apprenticeship Program is explicitly approved by the U.S. Department of Labor. The agency requires five factors:

  1. Business involvement: Employers must be actively involved in designing the apprenticeship program based on their organization’s strengths and needs.
  2. Structured on-the-job training: Apprentices must be paired with a mentor who will support and train them with hands-on, relevant work.
  3. Related instruction: Apprentices receive technical instruction through their New Hampshire community college courses to build on the skills necessary for their occupation.
  4. Rewards for skill gains: Apprentices receive wage increases as they gain new skills, improve existing skills, or meet predetermined milestones. 
  5. National credential: Once they complete the program, apprentices receive a nationally-recognized credential.

8 ApprenticeshipNH Programs

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing drives the creation of products and services ranging from mechanical parts to microscopic electronics components.

Advanced manufacturing apprentices will work at a company, helping their team produce complex and advanced tools and equipment for use worldwide. For example, apprentices could learn skills like blueprint reading, machine tool math, and hydraulics. Apprentices also have the opportunity to uplevel their skills.

There are over 50 career tracks among the New Hampshire community colleges, or employers can create a custom program. Advanced manufacturing apprentices range from aerospace engineering and operations technicians to industrial machinery mechanics to welders and beyond. This is a great fit for companies in industries like automotive, electric utilities, environmental, food and beverage, and many in between.

Automotive Technology

Automotive technology is one of the most popular programs across the CCSNH. The colleges and major auto manufacturers have a long history of partnerships, so developing Registered Apprenticeship Programs was a natural next step.

Many automotive businesses across New Hampshire need qualified technicians. Apprentices earn as they learn valuable skills. Best of all, as the employer, you get to train the technicians to your specifications!

Whether you own an auto dealership, a small engine repair shop, or another type of automotive company, you can train the technician or mechanic you need through ApprenticeshipNH.

Biomedical Technology

Biomedical technology is an exciting and fast-growing sector in New Hampshire’s economy. Many CCSNH programs already focus on developing skills for the biomedical technology field. ApprenticeshipNH helps businesses large and small statewide create programs focusing on both current and future workforce needs.

Biomedical apprentices can work in various industries, from pharmaceutical to food science to environmental science. Employers can keep New Hampshire – and their business – at the forefront of new scientific discoveries. Not to mention, you’ll provide budding professionals with well-paying careers and cutting-edge education while leveraging that talent, boosting productivity, and improving employee retention!

Business & Finance

Business and finance apprenticeships are coordinated through the High School ApprenticeshipNH program. Work-based learning trains young businesspeople-to-be with onsite, hands-on experience combined with classroom learning. ApprenticeshipNH partners with high schools and businesses, allowing organizations to hire from a pipeline of skilled workers in the business and finance industry. 

Employers give back by helping rising talent while developing a new generation of ambitious professionals. Apprenticeships prepare students to transition from high school to college and/or career options.

From the armed services to financial services to law firms and many more, countless companies can benefit from hiring business and finance apprentices.

Construction & Infrastructure

Apprenticeships have been prominent among construction and infrastructure industries for generations. They are crucial to construction businesses that need to maintain a productive workforce of tradespeople as veteran workers retire.

Work-based learning allows participants to develop and enhance their skills. Construction apprenticeships can prepare them for high-demand professions like building inspectors, HVAC technicians, plumbers, construction workers, stonemasons, and beyond.


It’s well-known that there is a significant need for skilled professionals in the healthcare field – perhaps now more than ever. Healthcare apprentices expand their knowledge and skills while employers maintain productivity and keep up with the demands and constant medical advancements.

Registered apprenticeships are available for budding medical assistants, licensed nursing assistants, medical billing specialists, and veterinary assistants, just to name a few. There are many opportunities to develop apprenticeship programs and equip a range of professionals to make a difference in the healthcare industry.


From the New Hampshire Seacoast to the White Mountains and everything in between, the Granite State is a desirable vacation destination – and we rely on a passionate hospitality and tourism workforce to keep visitors coming back. ApprenticeshipNH connects employers with community colleges to develop programs for over 20 available hospitality career tracks.

Hospitality apprenticeships provide restaurants, recreational attractions, hotels, entertainment venues, and more with a pool of talented workers. ApprenticeshipNH has worked with businesses like Great NH Restaurants, Mount Washington Resort, and The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery to develop work-based learning programs.

Information Technology

As cybersecurity and efficient technology become increasingly vital for businesses, the information technology (IT) sector is growing rapidly. ApprenticeshipNH works with IT companies and businesses in other fields that need internal IT team members. 

Apprentices can choose professions on the cutting edge of technological advancement, from app developers to information security analysts to computer programmers. Many business, government, and non-government organizations can benefit from IT apprenticeship programs, such as educational institutions, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations. Tech companies like web designers and apps can also help develop a pipeline of skilled IT experts. 

Are you interested in creating an apprenticeship program to help your business grow with a skilled talent pool? Contact BlueLion today to learn more about work-based learning and ApprenticeshipNH at or 603-818-4131!

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