Is Juneteenth a Federal Holiday? What It Means for Employers

July 12, 2022

Although significant holiday changes don’t occur frequently, employers who offer paid time off (PTO) and follow the federal holidays must stay on top of legal holiday additions. You’ll need to: Update your holiday and PTO policy. Be aware of how holidays affect payroll and processing direct deposits. Keep up with your state’s legal holiday requirements.… Read More »

5 Ways Outsourced HR Puts Your Employees First

June 28, 2022

As your small business grows, one of your primary concerns is how you can continue providing the support and resources for your people. This can become challenging as your workload and team increase and the days get busier (and probably a tad more hectic).  If this sounds familiar, you may be weighing the pros and… Read More »

Human Resources in the Post COVID-19 World: 9 HR Trends

June 22, 2022
Human Resources in the Post COVID-19 World - 9 HR Trends

As we move forward slowly but surely in the post-coronavirus world, many businesses and organizations are wondering how COVID-19 has affected human resources.  Simply put: Leaders and HR professionals must continue to closely monitor employment law updates and put the wellbeing of their employees first! So, how can you practice this in your small business?… Read More »

Who Should Outsource HR Functions?

June 14, 2022
Who Should Outsource HR Functions

Does outsourcing human resources make the most sense for your business or organization? What exactly can a third-party HR firm do for you? Many startups or small organizations choose to outsource HR functions in their early years or even forever. It can be significantly more cost-effective than staffing an internal HR department. Plus, you’ll receive… Read More »

5 Types of HR Outsourcing Solutions

June 7, 2022
5 Types of HR Outsourcing Solutions

Once you’ve decided that your organization is ready for outsourced HR, you’ll need to decide what type of solution will work best. This will depend on factors like the services you need and the size of your organization.  Perhaps you only need one specific HR task, or you want a firm that will take care… Read More »

Why Outsource HR for Your Nonprofit + 3 Quick Tips

May 24, 2022
Why Outsource HR for Your Nonprofit

Spending some of your nonprofit’s funding on HR outsourcing might send your heart into overdrive at first thought. We get it! Nonprofits often have lean teams and limited budgets.  But your staff probably doesn’t have the experience or bandwidth to handle HR matters — especially the complex ones. This can lead to productivity and legal… Read More »

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an HR Consultant

May 20, 2022
5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an HR Consultant

Is your small business growing faster than anticipated? Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is it not growing as fast as you’d like? Whether you’re dealing with bandwidth issues or operations bottlenecks, it may be time to hire an HR consultant.  Of course, every company is different, and human resources needs vary widely… Read More »

7 Steps for Choosing the Right Outsourced HR Consultant

May 12, 2022
7 Steps for Choosing the Right Outsourced HR Consultant

You know you are ready for outsourced HR. Perhaps you may already have specific HR responsibilities or projects in mind, or your team’s capacity is maxed out. Either way, it’s time to leave the human matters to the human experts.  But how do you choose the right HR consultant? After all, you’re entrusting them with… Read More »

10 Most Popular Outsourced HR Functions

May 6, 2022
10 Most Popular Outsourced HR Functions

Perhaps you work with an accounting firm to keep your books and finances in order. Maybe you invest in a marketing agency to ensure a cohesive brand presence and spread the word about your organization.  So, why not outsource one of the most crucial areas of your business: Human resources?  Whether you have a new… Read More »