June 28, 2022

As your small business grows, one of your primary concerns is how you can continue providing the support and resources for your people. This can become challenging as your workload and team increase and the days get busier (and probably a tad more hectic). 

If this sounds familiar, you may be weighing the pros and cons of hiring a full-time HR manager and/or team vs. outsourcing HR functions. Enlisting the expert assistance of a third party can meet all the needs of small and nonprofit organizations!

Partnering with an HR firm enables you to hire and retain top talent by focusing on your employees and creating an optimal workplace. There is no need to add an HR manager or various HR experts to the payroll—HR consulting teams consist of professionals who specialize in different areas, from recruiting and hiring to employment law and everything in between.

There are many benefits of outsourcing HR, but below, we’re focusing on those that specifically help you put the H in HR first! (Pssst…we’re referring to humans, your most valuable asset!)

1. Recruiting & Hiring

Recruiting and hiring can become a full-time job, but you don’t have to hire an internal recruiter (or recruiting department, depending on how large your company is/how fast you’re growing). Your outsourced HR firm can manage much of this process for you, from crafting targeted job descriptions to screening resumes to assisting with interviews. 

With an HR consultant overseeing the recruitment and hiring process, you’ll experience a more cost-effective way to find the best candidates for your organization—ideally, those who will stick around for the long run.

2. Employee Retention

Speaking of employees sticking around, your HR company will help you with that, too. Organizations with high turnover rates waste significant time and money constantly filling positions. And when a worker leaves, it affects productivity due to a gap in their role and having to train a new employee.

Your HR firm can help you ensure you are offering competitive pay, benefits, and perks to help employees achieve work-life balance and show them you care about their wellbeing. 

3. Employee Morale & Productivity

With an outsourced HR team to focus on employee retention and foster a positive work environment, your staff will be happy and excited to come to work. Plus, your team won’t be burdened with HR and administrative tasks that are not in their wheelhouse. They will be less stressed and enjoy more time to focus on their core responsibilities (i.e., what you hired them to do). And you will experience higher output from individual employees and departments.

4. Internal Communication

They can also field employee concerns and handle any issues or conflicts that arise, guiding your team toward healthy resolutions. Big or small, staff will appreciate having a neutral, trusted outlet to voice work-related issues, big or small.

Overall, your HR consultant will help you create a positive workplace culture that will make your team want to stay.

5. Consistent Processes & Standards

Perhaps you’ve been getting by with outdated or nonexistent policies, but that will only work for so long. A lack of clear guidelines puts your company at risk and can lead to significant fines. It can also confuse, frustrate, and demotivate your employees, driving them away.

Your HR company will help you update your existing policies and employee handbook or help you develop them as necessary. They will also guide you in establishing critical processes and a solid organizational structure. 

Solid policies and procedures help all team members understand their roles and responsibilities and how they can grow with your organization. From performance reviews to PTO policies, your employees must know where they stand with your company, how to go about specific processes, and how to fulfill their goals and expectations. This is crucial for employee development and, in turn, retention.

Outsource HR: Cost-Effective & Employee-Centric

Outsourcing HR functions creates a top-of-the-line workplace, results in happier employees, and ensures compliance with state and federal labor laws and regulations. Depending on your company’s needs and budget, it also gives you options. So whether you have: 

  • No internal HR employees
  • One HR manager who needs more support
  • A small HR department that requires guidance from specialists

…you can partner with an HR firm and get all your administrative and operational needs taken care of without hiring additional employees.

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